Get Ready for the 4th Annual Citadel Lady Bulldogs Football 101!


Football, Fútbol, Foosball.  What the heck is the difference?  Each sport has a concession stand and die-hard fans, but to the extent of knowing how each game is played… I haven’t a clue!  I do know this, football has great tailgating food, fútbol offers great adult beverages, and Foosball…don’t ever get the nachos while watching a match, especially not with jalapenos and chili added.

You know who knows a lot about football? The Citadel Football Association, and their 4th annual Citadel Lady Bulldogs Football 101 fund-raising event, is being held on Friday, July 26 from 4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. This ladies only event gives an in-depth and truly interesting behind the scenes look at life as a football player, coach, trainer, official and ultimate fan.

Women's 101

The evening allows women to interact with Citadel personnel while learning about game planning and offensive and defensive strategy.  The attendees get to see and smell the locker rooms and equipment rooms (Luckily the rooms have had several months to air out). And this year, the women who attend will get a first peek at the new Adidas jerseys and gear even before the entire team gets a look.  Let’s not forget the best part about any sporting event: the food.  Included in the ticket price is a wine and cheese reception followed by a catered dinner in the Club Level of Hagood Stadium, but perhaps the best part of the evening is being able to meet other women who are football moms, wives, experts and novices of the game.

The Citadel Lady Bulldogs Football 101 event teaches attendees more about Citadel football, and football in general, than any Saturday morning football show.  There is also the fun of door prizes, goody bags, t-shirts and silent auction items that make any Friday night a whole lotta fun! So at the first whistle of the Citadel football game against Charleston Southern on Saturday, August 31, all Lady Bulldogs will know the difference between a running back, a linebacker, the triple option and the spread.  Go Bulldogs!

Aashon Lady Bulldogs

The Lady Bulldogs 101 Clinic is presented by the Citadel Football Association –

– Joy Bodine –


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