Quarterback Ben Dupree Gives Fans an Update on The Citadel Football Team

Ben Dupree-Chattanooga-2012-4

Dupree enters his final year at The Citadel with 1,671 rushing yards, ranking 17th in school history and trailing only Jack Douglas (3,908) and Stanley Myers (2,055) among Bulldog quarterbacks.

I am aware that a lot of fans want to know what goes on inside the locker room before a football game, or even a typical day in the life of a football player at The Citadel. But, much of that is confidential information that stays among the players. Instead, I am simply going to provide an update on our football team.

The summer is our time to get better as players and as teammates as well. We spend much of our summer hanging out with each other and going to class and/or work, but just know we began our mornings like this…

The incoming freshmen reported to campus on June 16 and departed (temporarily) on July 12. They worked out and took two classes – English and psychology – for four straight weeks. Many of the freshmen looked impressive during our weekly 7-on-7’s. (7-on-7 is a two-hand touch offense vs. defense passing-only scrimmage in which only seven players can be on the field).

Our strength coach, Coach D (Donnell Boucher), worked them very hard and even said they are the fastest freshmen class he’s ever had. He said this because he clocked their 40-yard dash times and eight of the 22 players ran 4.5s or better.

Devan Robbins proved to be the fastest with a blazing time of 4.35 seconds. That’s faster than both Andre Roberts and Cortez Allen. Speaking of Andre, he worked out with us this morning (July 16) at 5:45 am. It was a blessing to be able to work with him because he is an example of someone who made their dream come true. He and Cortez both handled the hardships of The Citadel and worked to become starters in professional football.

The coaches had a vacation break and reported back on July 15. All of them are just as excited as the players to get the season started. I recently had a talk with our offensive coordinator, Coach (Bob) Bodine. We talked about a few new wrinkles in the offense which is also very confidential so I can’t elaborate on that.

Coach Higgins led the Bulldogs to a 7-4 season in 2012, the team's first winning season since the 2007

Coach Higgins led the Bulldogs to a 7-4 season in 2012, the team’s first winning season since the 2007

I also came across Coach (Kevin) Higgins in the weight room this morning, as he was getting his daily workout. Everybody is excited about this upcoming season because we have much of our team back from last year.

Seniors such as Brandon McCladdie, Derek Douglas, Darien Robinson (highlight video), Matt Thompson, Jim Knowles and Keith Carter are among those who are looking to take the Bulldogs to places they haven’t been in a while, so make sure you come to the games and show your support!!!!

– Ben Dupree –

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Senior Ben Dupree, the starting quarterback, is from Hotel Company and Harrisburg, PA.

Click HERE to check out Ben Dupree’s highlight video from his first three seasons!


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