Brandon McCladdie Talks About Starting His Career In Athletics

McCladdie started at cornerback in all 11 games in 2012, recording 45 tackles, three tackles for loss, two interceptions and three forced fumbles.

McCladdie started at cornerback in all 11 games in 2012, recording 45 tackles, three tackles for loss, two interceptions and three forced fumbles.

Career in Sports – Get to know members of the Brigadier Foundation

Many people have interest in working in collegiate athletics; but like me they have doubt about how to get involved. Education is the foundation: Some common bachelor degrees are Business Administration, Sport Management, Communications, Marketing, and the list continues. After college is when the path differs by person. While some people begin as graduate assistants, others as interns, collegiate athletics offers a variety of careers depending on your interest. Each college has its own athletic department which consists of a variety of areas composed of both males and females. Media Relations, Compliance, Tickets, and Facilities are just a few. Today we will highlight some of the employees from our Fundraising Department, better known as The Citadel’s Brigadier Foundation.

The Citadel Brigadier Foundation (TCBF) provides assistance to approximately 225 cadet-student-athletes. Because no state monies are received in the Athletic Department’s budget for scholarship aid, the money raised by TCBF is critical to the Bulldogs producing competitive teams throughout the year.

A few staff members of TCBF were asked three questions about their experience in athletics.

1. Why did you choose to work in college athletics?

2. How did you choose to focus on fundraising?

3. What is your favorite sport?

Bryson Young

Bryson Young – Development Coordinator

Bryson handles all aspects of the club level, coordinates events, assists with donor relations and manages the website for TCBF.

1. “I came upon a job at Clemson working with the basketball team. I loved the atmosphere, variety, upbeat pace, and the overall environment of sports. I knew from there I wanted to work in sports.”

2. “After graduation, I interned with Charlotte Collegiate Football (CCF). I worked with a group of members called the Leatherheads, who invested both time and money to make sure CCF was a successful program. The position was similar to donor relations and it was one of the areas I enjoyed most during my internship.”

3. “Basketball”

 Inabnett, Gina

Gina Inabnett -Membership Coordinator

Gina is the main contact point for all phone and in-person inquiries related to memberships. She maintains the membership database for TCBF.

1. “I really enjoy the atmosphere!  You’re involved in a variety of activities and each day at work is different. It’s all FUN STUFF!”

2. “I enjoy the different personalities of donors, meeting new people, and ultimately helping athletes gain an education while competing in the sport they love.”

3. “Football”

Davis, Caleb

Caleb Davis- Associate Director/ Fundraising

Caleb manages prospects for support of athletic programs; reaches out to prospects through via email, phone, letters, and personal visits.

1. “All my life I’ve been involved in athletics. The Citadel had a job opening and I felt that I was burning out in retail clothing after 14 years. The former Director of TCBF asked if I knew anyone like myself for the position and I decided to nominate myself. Luckily, I was granted an opportunity to interview for the position and later selected for the job. ”

2. “I wanted to be able to use my personable sales skills. This job was something that I could jump right into apart from other administration jobs where you have to work your way up.”

3. “Football, with baseball being a close second”

As a current rotating intern of The Citadel Athletic Department, I get a chance to work with TCBF staff. Part of my internship involves revising the parking and club level seating list, updating the donor/alumni database, and aiding with special event projects. As a full scholarship student-athlete at The Citadel, I will admit I was uncertain where the money for my scholarship derived from. After almost two months of my internship, I’ve learned a lot of detailed work goes into the process. The staff of TCBF does an excellent job maintaining excellent professional relationships with key supporters, donors and prospective donors. Without them we would not be able to bring in the high level student-athletes we have today.

 Interested in learning more about our various employees of different divisions in the athletic department? Stay tuned for more information about this topic on our blog.

 -Brandon McCladdie-

Marketing Intern



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