Brandon McCladdie Gives Insight on Practicing Healthy Habits

Who doesn’t want to have a rock solid body for the beach this summer or live a long healthy life? Everyone wants to be healthy and feel confident when they look in the mirror. But, too often people have trouble finding motivation to go exercise and eating the right foods. As an athlete, I had an idea but decided to seek out someone who had in-depth knowledge on nutrition and exercise.

Jim Kiritsy is entering his third season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach at The Citadel.

Jim Kiritsy is entering his third season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach at The Citadel.

To gain more knowledge, I interviewed Jim Kiritsy, Assistant Director of The Citadel Strength & Conditioning staff. Kiritsy coordinates all aspects of the basketball training program while assisting in the overall facilitation of the strength & conditioning department.

A) How important is exercise and proper nutrition?

“Obesity is a rising problem and it’s costing the country millions of dollars. Eating smart and exercising regularly can help reduce national debt.”

B) Choose three workouts people can do at home daily that we do here in the weight room?

1. “Chin Ups (No bar, substitute Push Ups)”

  Pull Ups

Chin ups is an exercise that mainly works the lat muscles. It is done by gripping a hold of the bar with your arms extended above the head. Next, the body is pulled up, until the bar approaches or touches the upper chest. Then, the body is then lowered until the arms are straight, and the exercise is generally repeated.

2. “Front Planks”


Front Planks are a core strength exercise that involves maintaining a specific position for extended periods of time. It is done by lying on your stomach with arms bent, palms and forearms on the ground, fingers pointed forward, legs extended and toes tucked under. Work your back and abs by contracting your core muscles and slowly lifting your entire torso off the floor, keeping palms, forearms and toes on the ground. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, gradually building up to one minute.

3. “Walking Lunges”


The muscles used in the lunge are the same as those utilized in the squat, but the lunge provides greater range of motion, allowing more substantial glute and hamstring development. It is done by stepping forward with one leg and lowering the body until the knee is slightly above the ground. Next, drive up with the back leg and then alternate legs.

C) What should people eat and what shouldn’t people eat?

“People SHOULD eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. People SHOULD NOT eat processed or refined sugars.”

Hopefully this blog entry will help get you on the right path for staying fit. Exercise and proper nutrition can take you a long way if you decide to stick with it. Your health is generally considered one of the most important things you have in your life. Although many aspects contribute to your overall health, these two things can help really enhance it as well. With that being said develop a plan and go for it, you can start today!

 -Brandon McCladdie-

Citadel Athletics Marketing Intern


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