Fall Baseball Begins


By Cadet Brett Tompkins

Citadel baseball’s fall practice has begun as we started this week with beautiful weather.   There is a different feeling in the air this fall as we’re coming off a heartbreaking end to a great year, losing to rival Elon in the Southern Conference Tournament championship game.  We are determined to not let that happen again.

This is my third year playing and I can tell you that this team has high expectations and we do not plan on letting anyone stop us.

Fall practice mostly consists of a lot of repetitions in every aspect of the game.  We go over all of our signs, our bunt defenses, our base running, and everything else imaginable.  A lot of teams out there could just go through the motions and get it over with but this team is determined.

We hated the feeling of being so close and getting it ripped away from us that we are going to do whatever it takes this year.  This team is “all in.” Through our first week of practice, I can already tell there is a different vibe in the air, and there’s more of a business-like mentality. Our reputation on the field, I believe, is a bunch of dirty dogs that just come to take names and get victories, and this year we will do everything with that mentality.

One of my teammates stated last year during an interview: “I have a problem with everyone in the SoCon.”  I believe that he hit the nail right on the head, as we do not show up to the field looking to make friends but come to win.  And that is it.

Our upperclassmen this year are guys that know how to win, and the younger guys will get a great taste of that during our fall scrimmages. We have a huge amount of returning players that have been busting it over the summer and have come back with the hunger that is needed to win.

Citadel baseball has always had a championship tradition and we pride ourselves in that.  Anyone on this campus can tell you how hard this team works and how badly we want it.  We have a great strength and conditioning staff that is getting us more than ready to be in the best game shape of our lives.

If you already have us on your radar for this year, we appreciate that.  If you don’t, even better; because we love being the underdog.

Brett Tompkins is a sophomore majoring in sports management.

Brett Tompkins is a sophomore majoring in sports management.

Cadet Tompkins is a pitcher on the baseball team.


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