Leadership Day Is a Winner All Around

Zach Young

By Cadet Zach Young

Leadership Day is one of the most anticipated days here at The Citadel for students, teachers and alumni. I believe Leadership Day is a well-rounded opportunity for Citadel Cadets to gain experience in leadership by helping out in the community. The Alumni Association makes a great effort to help us become more of a principled leader by supporting this day off from school to help others. Teachers and students are always excited about this day as there are no classes and it gives Cadets a chance to get off campus.

I had a great time on Leadership Day, like most of my classmates that I worked with. I went to a charter school where I interacted with little kids and helped them read children’s books. I believe that allowing Cadets to help children on Leadership Day puts a huge impact on their lives.

Cadets may not know it, but I think these children look up to Cadets and consider us as a role model. There are several kids out in the community that can use a role model, and I believe that we, as Cadets, by visiting their schools can at least impact a few of these children, if not but for a several hours.

This past Leadership Day (Oct. 23), Cadets went to schools and others helped with some sort of community service-type labor. I believe that allowing Cadets to help with the community promotes the leadership principles and respect for those who believe in the moral standards of the Cadets.

Leadership Day

There are not many colleges in America that have Leadership Day like we do here at The Citadel, and I believe that this concept helps imply the meaning behind our principled leadership as a Citadel Cadet.

Cadet Zach Young, from North Charleston, is a member of The Citadel’s wrestling team.


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