The Citadel vs. Clemson Football Game

austin wiles

By Cadet Austin Wiles

On Nov. 23, the football team will travel to Death Valley to play the Clemson Tigers. To many, this game is referred to as a “money game” for The Citadel, but to the players and cadets at the school this is a dream come true. Though all of the players are Citadel football players, there are a few of them that deep down bleed purple and orange.

I recall a former teammate of mine for two years, a long snapper by the name of Thomas Oswald.  Oswald was an exceptionally huge Clemson fan.  He grew up in Clemson, his dog is named Clemson, and his mom works at Clemson.  That says it all.

Last year we would joke around by asking Thomas whether or not he’d like for The Citadel to beat Clemson, or Clemson beat The Citadel and go on to win the National Championship.  He answered for Clemson to win and then win the National Championship. I would say that it is a fair assumption that many of the Cadets wouldn’t want The Citadel to win if it meant Clemson would lose their shot at the title.


On the other hand, I know for a fact that a lot of the guys are really excited to strap it up for their friends and family in Death Valley. A lot of players grew up going to Clemson games and now they have the opportunity to be the ones playing. Those players, unlike Oswald, will be traveling to Death Valley to win.

Though the Athletics Department will be receiving a large portion of money, it’s safe to say that it is an opportunity for the Bulldogs to show their pride to the state of South Carolina and give it their all to present what may be among the biggest upsets in South Carolina college football history.

Wiles 2012

Cadet Austin Wiles is a member of the football team.


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