A Future Career in Sport Management

baseballBy: Madison Port

Having learned from highly trained professionals at Coastal Carolina in the field of sport management, I have gained necessary skills to advance my career in athletics.

The classes that I have taken to complete my bachelor’s degree have helped prepare me for what is ahead. Just about every class I took in sport management required out-of-class experience, which I believe is helpful for a student to have success making connections, and attaining new skills.

The most influential class that I have taken at CCU was Sports Marketing and Promotion. In this class, I helped out with the athletic department in promoting a lacrosse game. During the game, we passed out posters with schedules on them to inform fans about future dates and the opponents we will face. This hands-on experience gave me an insight in what a career in sports marketing would be like, if I choose to go down that path.

All of the required classes within sport management have given me the opportunity to gain much needed skills to succeed in this highly-competitive field. Volunteering was a big component within my major as well. Being able to make connections within the community, as well as gaining experience, was a valuable asset for me to learn from others who have been working in this field.

The skills I’ve attained while getting my education, such as event planning, marketing and promotions and ticket sales, has given me a solid foundation to help advance my career upon graduation.

One of the biggest differences in sport management, compared to other majors at Coastal Carolina, is being able to apply classroom concepts into real-world experiences.

These skills that were gained can be contributed to my professors at CCU. The knowledge and concepts that I have attained has prepared me for my internship at The Citadel.

I am currently doing a promotion for a Citadel baseball game which involves Boy and Girl Scouts in the Charleston area. I am excited to see my hard work come to life with a promotion that I have created and see where I will end up upon my graduation this spring.


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